Foam Party

Foam Pit and Foam Maker

$299.00 / day

Ever danced in foam/bubbles?  Now is your chance to impress! NEW to the rental business.  Be the FIRST to have one of these exciting parties.  They are all the rage in the U.S.  All ages will have a blast playing, dancing even watching the foam! It is always a HIT at Birthday Parties!  The foam is safe, 100% organic, hypoallergenic, odourless and does not stain! Includes Foam Pit, Foam Maker and a Powder Puck.  It is as easy as placing a powder puck in a 5 gallon bucket of water and away it goes!   Garden hose and water tap must be supplied by renter.  The foam maker will fill a 20 x 20′ pit in under 3 minutes!  One Powder Puck makes  28 – 45 mins. worth of foam  Additional foam pucks are available for purchase in our STORE

Size of Area Required:  24 x 24 x 12′

Capacity: 10

Outlets Required: ONE

Garden Hose and Water Tap MUST be supplied by the renter

**Extra Powder Pucks available in our STORE