Tricky Treasures

$42.00 / day

Coming Soon

Want to know what is in the Treasure Box?  Who doesn’t?  Fill the treasure box with a great awesome prize (provided by you) and lock it up. No Peeking for anyone. Sell combinations to the lock to open the box ($5.00/combination or 3 for  $10 or $2 each and 3 for $5.00)  One of the combinations will be the prize winning combo which will unlock the treasure!  The player with the lucky winning combination wins that FANTASTIC Prize that you put inside.  If the combination is not bought than let people know and people can purchase it at a higher cost or raffle it off!  Such a great addition to your event and a real money maker!!!

**Winning combination will be set by Air Bounce and will be provided at time of rental.


*Inside Dimensions of Box: